about oC


telcihc paths: i heart adobe illustrator!

vin does freelance graphic design in the SF bay area, draws cyborg-bunnies in vector, 3D-models carrot-warrior in maya, draws “cHompas!” with pencil & ink & photoshoppery, attempts to build games in Flash, Unityand LBP, bends WYREwork wire sculptures, and plays games in public (like on BART)~

  ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

but before i go any further, should anyone wish to contact me, i can be reached at psykotsu@gmail.com   >[:)

most of the artwork & photography displayed on this site are my own: some are my original creations (such as the “mad” cyborg bunny dr. julius “oC” telcihc), while others are fan-art that reference existing popular video game characters such as Mega Man, Samus Aran, SackBoy, etc.  gamers may recognize the occasional character art assets or screenshots, which, needless to say, belong to Capcom, Nintendo, Sony, Konami, or whomevers.  thanx for checking out my blog, and please check back each week for more ramblings on the wonderful interactive medium (dare i say art ?) that is video games, food photography, delightful tangents with pop-culture references (mostly pertaining to games, but sometimes also film and literature), and/or whatever that i’ve decided to throw into the vast wilderness of the interwebz that i call my own art.  feel free to comment: scathingly harsh criticism is welcome! 

as you, my dear readers, may have already noticed, i employ a deliberately liberal use/misuse of Capitalization.  it is not for the lack of an understanding of grammar in the American English language, mind you, but for reasons of stylistic choice.  i mean, does this look like a formal letter or document to you?  DOES IT?  ahem~  but, for the sake of easier reading, i shall include proper capitalization in most of the lengthier posts…with the egregious exception of “i,” as in yours Truly.
As mentioned earlier, i make weekly/semi-weekly posts here; should you happen to prefer some more easily consumable tweet-sized versions of my near-daily geeky musings (it’s a wonder why anyone would willingly subject themselves to that, but thanx, nevertheless!), i can be found on twitter as @omegaCarotene .


as Jacopo Belbo said in Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum :  “It’s as clear as mud.”       >[:) 


Hiya! any thoughts to share?

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