being quasi-antisocial with sackiCons this Halloween~


Halloween 2o14’s “jacked” sackiCons-02 ~  

Rather than hitting the party scene in some crazy getup, i’ve voluntarily cooped up indoors on a rainy (or at least wet-ish) Halloween night, workin’ on the computer with some vector-art (plus a healthy dose of  photoshoppery) and drawing up avatar “costumes” for some  friends…which ultimately boils down to a solitary endeavor that feels somewhat antisocial, yet also seems like an attempt to connect with others on an indirect leve…blah blah blah~

I already have a couple of minor feature embellishment ideas in the works for both putt and smoof‘s avatar sackiCons (like adding some variations to the designs of the 4 floating “zombie” sack-puppets), and also something involving a mutated jelly-donut, or possibly some chicken and squid…so while the night’s masquerading away in several parts of the world, back into illustrator i go…

If what you see here spooks―ahem―piques  your interest, share this bitLink: !       >[:D 


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