returning to the End of the World with a pixel-Art graphic of Majora’s Mask

the nearly-complete Work-in-progress of my Majora’s Mask pixel-Art~ 

hello, readers! Those of you that are new to this blog, welcome! And those that visited my blog before, i thank you for returning, despite my 1.5year-long absence from my own site. The fact that i have my Twitter-feed connected to this blog is perhaps the only reason why there’s been any traffic here during that time, just barely enough to keep the virtual tumbleweed at bay, if barely…

So…after churning the idea around in my mind for altogether too long, i’ve decided that a suitably ironic way to mark my (not-so) grand return to a slight internet presence would be by presenting something about my current lil’ art project involving the end of the world–or more specifically, the end of the land of Termina, the stage for the wondrously dark and off-kilter the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and its 2015 remake for the Nintendo 3DS. (Run-on sentence? Yep, you bet your hard-earned, shrub-whacked rupees that i know it’s a run-on sentence.  :P )

My recent return to the doomed land of Termina via the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS has inspired me create a pixel-Art graphic of the eponymous Majora’s Mask; so here it is, in all its pixellated glory! (albeit work-in-progress~)

As of 2o16 july, the two original designs displayed in the photo above are available for purchase as high-quality giclée art Prints (both available in 8×6″―pictured here―and 10×8″ sizes) at my Etsy shop : stop by to check them out!  ‘Cause who wouldn’t want a pixellated, vibrantly colorful, and accursed trickster mask adorning their wall?


Please check back for future posts, wherein i plan to talk all-too-much about not-so-recent game-geekery that’s currently captured my attention, show of bits of art, and hopefully gather a small internet following for myself…or not, as the Moon will probably obliterate us all before that can happen. Signing out~       >[:D 


Hiya! any thoughts to share?

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