WYREwork: bC-sinD

bC-sinD (WYREwork no.13) – dec.2oo8 ~

WYREwork is about creating spacial forms from metallic lines, finding the balance between structure and flexibility. this is a “bottle crab,” with the concept extended from real-life hermit crabs; note the bottle cap for scale.  as a crab, this lil’ guy is short  2 pairs of legs, but that’s stylized design for ya.  for a quadruped (lolz) like this, balance is a much simpler matter than for bipedal sculptures; nevertheless, it has always been important to me that my sculptures—should they have  legs—be able to balance steadily without the aid of any external armature.  please feel free to comment!  ^-^

sometimes, it’s good to be twisted~!  more in omegaCarotene’s WYREworks gallery …       >[:)


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