dealing with a case of rampant…er, crustaceans…in game dev~


So…as the year’s gotten busier, my good start in january―with 4 consecutive weekly-posts to this blog―has devolved into one-post-a-month or less… and i’m again burning the midnight candle as little clawed crustaceans scuttle about in some sandy corner of my mind.  Shall this be another monologue about sleep deprivation & contrived self-reflection, or do i actually have something meaningful to say this time around?

Only time can tell…and for the record, it is now  時間5:37a―perhaps a hour or so before dawn, and it seems that my thoughts about a late night snack will more likely be realized as a very early breakfast.

gam-rDv_2o14h-starFishP-iNow that some time has passed (nearly 2 weeks since i’d first started this entry back in the latter 1/3 of feb.) and i’ve gotten some decent bit of sleep with nary a dream about starfish, perhaps we can get on with a blog-post that is Continue reading


WYREwork: bC-sinD

bC-sinD (WYREwork no.13) – dec.2oo8 ~

WYREwork is about creating spacial forms from metallic lines, finding the balance between structure and flexibility. this is a “bottle crab,” with the concept extended from real-life hermit crabs; note the bottle cap for scale.  as a crab, this lil’ guy is short  2 pairs of legs, but that’s stylized design for ya.  for a quadruped (lolz) like this, balance is a much simpler matter than for bipedal sculptures; nevertheless, it has always been important to me that my sculptures—should they have  legs—be able to balance steadily without the aid of any external armature.  please feel free to comment!  ^-^

sometimes, it’s good to be twisted~!  more in omegaCarotene’s WYREworks gallery …       >[:)