telc-Tonic series, no.001: power-UP

telcB-2o14tonicEquatn_n01_P-iichug chug chug…

And what is it that we’re talking about today?  After a night of no sleep (yet), i’m not entirely sure anymore myself… Something about tonics and equations, possibly the fact that i consumed a can of Kirin ビール (beer) with my late-night snack each night for the last 3 nights in a row―except for this past night, and talk of…er…long-eared woodland creatures.  Or perhaps in my case, probably not so long-eared (considering my leporine-design preference).

Lest this recent bout of light-weight lager-consumption should continue on for a good several months uninterrupted, it seems unlikely that i’ll be working my way towards a beer-belly.  And since we’ve touched upon the possible notion of mind or body-altering substances, let it be known that―at this moment―i will not use intoxication as an excuse for the directionless meandering of this post.  I’m just getting rather sleepy, ’tis all.  Good night all, and let us leave the energy-chain-whipping and talk of my recent obsession w/ Spelunky HD  on the ps3 (i’m currently at 1,32o deaths & have reached the Ruins from the Mines at least once, armed with a shotgun, climbing gloves, and other fine gear…only to be crushed to a fine paste by one of the “Thwomps” that was just off screen~) to another day…

do cyborg-bunnies drink beer?  heck if i know~
That concept could make for an interesting analysis someday, though: what games are there out there that offer mind-altering power-Ups, each with their share of risks and rewards?       >[:)


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