Telc Blast: kickin’ off the 2nd week of the New Year with a nifty new jetpack~

telcB-2o14jan_jetPk-NYy01_P-ii Telcihc の 2o14 new year’s jetpack-thingamjigger … 

7~8 days into the new year 2o14 is still new, right?  At least we’re still in the first 14 days, heh~  So…happy 2nd week of 2o14, everyone!

So far the new year has consisted of some NYE-partying with family & friends, vector Art-drawing, a bit of wine-tasting and one can of beer (so far), and a decent bit of Spelunky ‘ing with some shameless damsel & yeti-sacrificing plus reckless idol-grabbing.  ‘Tis kickin’ off to be not to shabby a year, i’d say.  ^__^

I must admit that the above image may be a bit potentially misleading, as―as of this moment―i do not intend on including a jetpack-power-UP in my w-i-p cyborg-bunny flash game.  The idea simply for Telcihc donning a jetpack simply came from a NYE faceBook event-banner (from last tuesday) featuring some space-agey dude with a jetpack & twin laser pistols.  But one can still dream, i suppose…  Now that the virtual confetti has settled, it’s back to rants, games, moar leporine-infested art-stuff, and trying to stay alive despite having pissed off one overly-sensitive shotgun-totin’ ol’ shopkeeper.

Live + learn + play (my variation of what a fellow gamer/blogger-duo ConnorBros likes to say), and please feel free to comment…or simply make fun of the sheer ridiculousness of a mad-scientist bunny sporting a jetpack~       >[:)


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